EPS browser summary

Subject: EPS browser summary
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 15:49:43 -0500

Many thanks for the responses to my query about an EPS browser. I was
asked to summarize for the list.

BTW...MY solution? I found out after I sent the message that we have a
multi-seat version of Adobe Illustrator. Yeah, I know...$900 software
doesn't fit within my request for an inexpensive solution, but I'll just
have to limp along with what I got. :-)

John Posada

Some time ago we make FM publication had over some thousand EPS/AI
After long search of solution for browsing I used Acrobat Distiller for
EPS/AI bat processing to PDF,
and small own DOS utility for automatic crop PDF to source EPS "Boundary
Box" size. It's work very fine.
For browsing we used Netscape+Acrobat Reader plug-in, and
HTML frame's file
(in Left frame - list of file, in right frame - pdf).


I believe in PSP (v 5.01) EPS filters are supported. I know that with
version 4, Jasc sold an EPS filter add-on for $29.00 US. You may want
check with them.


If the EPS's have built-in thumbnails (which they may or
may not--EPS comes in several flavors), you should be
able to browse them from the MS Word (don't ever tell
anyone I said that!) Insert | Picture | From File...

Otherwise, the latest version of HiJaak might be able to
make icons for them (so you can just view large icons in
Windows Explorer and see the thumbnails), as might
PhotoShop. In both cases, though, you should run an
actual test before buying the software, as they may not
give you what you want with this particular flavor of


How about Ghostscript?

It's freeware.


Have you tried HiJaak Professional? It comes with HiJaak Catalog, which
allows you to browse through all kinds of graphics. I think they're at


I'd send 'em through the Distiller to get .pdfs made of them,
all the .pdf files and then use Exchange to make thumbnails.


Use GhostScript and GSviewer: I believe its either free or very cheap.
Do a search on the net for the url...


I highly recommend Thumbs Plus by Cerious Software. It was voted
Graphic/Multimedia Program of the Year for 1998 by the Shareware
Conference. You can check it out, download a trial version, and order
(about $60 if you hurry; rates are going up soon) from:



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