Re: TIFF to JPEG (AppleMac specific)

Subject: Re: TIFF to JPEG (AppleMac specific)
From: howard <hb -at- PENCIL -dot- U-NET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 14:11:13 +0000

Hi, I hope this isn't seen as a duplication of an earlier post on the
subject as it contains further information which may tempt assessors to
download it.

Yeah, call me lazy but I ain't re-writing it.

Also, please be aware I have no interest--commercial or otherwise--in any
of the products mentioned below.

> Richard,
> The following freeware/shareware tools can also convert TIFF to JPEG:
> * Graphic Workshop
> * LView or LView Pro
> * as well as many of the tools found at
> Good luck,
> Andres

For folks working on or having access to the Apple Macintosh platform,
Graphic Converter is also shareware and in the couple of years or so of
very sporadic use I've put it to hasn't let me down yet. It also boasts
batch conversion (ie, automated) functionality which will translate as many
TIFFs into JPEGs without needing operator monitoring. I haven't used this
part of it as yet, but if it's as well coded as the rest it should be fine.

The preferences settings I found to be very extensive and manageable,
almost a joy to use compared with some others of my acquaintance. The
documentation could be displaying badly on my screen because it is written
in US-letter page size where I use A4--as a result the page numbering
cannot be guaranteed and, I'm afraid, it suffers from being written by an
ESL coder. However, I can't recall finding any inaccurate information,
merely a list of things which could have been better put. It's worth
remembering it's shareware tho'!

I got my copy from a Mac-mag Cover CD in late '96, the URLs on the start-up
box are:

however I can't verify that any or all are still current.

I do have the original installation however so, if it's become untraceable,
please email me for it.

The info box also states that the GIF and TIFF/LZW code is officially and
legally licenced to the author for use in this application.

mailto:hb -at- pencil -dot- u-net -dot- com

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for any inconfusionance this may cause,
Normal services is presently presumed to soon resume operating shortly.

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