Re: TECHWR-L Digest - 5 Feb 1999 to 6 Feb 1999

Subject: Re: TECHWR-L Digest - 5 Feb 1999 to 6 Feb 1999
From: howard <hb -at- PENCIL -dot- U-NET -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 00:29:05 +0000

>Linda Sherman Wrote:
>"Donald R. Stovicek" wrote:
>> Having contract tech writers working out of their homes would seem to be a
>> win-win scenario for both employer and employee. I don't see a downside.
>I hate working at home.

I love working at home but it has to be creative work, where my freedom is
guaranteed. I was a believer in teleworking, and still am, but would agree
with your POV that some kind of independent space is well worthwhile. Why?
Well, too many folks "take their work home" and, particularly if you're
(generic you, please) quoting for a job then it's in everyone's interests
you get a fair rate for your time. It's far too easy to never stop working
and also to misjudge the focus of the work if you're in surrounding where
you are "dominant" (from Latin root, rather than contemporary--I'm typing
this live so I'm thinking on my arse!).

However, I am a little concerned that there's still no work forthcoming and
even though I perceive my abilities in the field in what I hope is a
balanced and self-aware way, I'd appreciate anyone pointing out my

Particularly as I'm disappointed with so much of what I read of others'
technical writing when I need to get to grips with a new product. I know
perfection is unlikely in any publication (my archived email posts make
this painfully obvious to myself) but it seems so difficult to be honest
and still impress HR-types; and when you don't have 5 years blue-chip
experience behind you...well, I'll go out on a limb and say I know darn
well mine ain't the only talent being squandered.

Ah well, at least tomorrow won't be wasted. A run of business cards (if the
quote is acceptable) and a run of promo posters for a band's first gig
(deposit paid) should keep me going for an hour. Add to that some lessons
in machine building and architecture from a colleague later in the week and
finishing a suite of business stationery (once the backdrop is complete to
the customer's satisfaction) midweek. Well, I may do 5 hours this week, 8
if things go wrong.

And heck, I taught a friend to do what they wanted using MS-Publisher
without ever having laid hands on it before in one day. I guess that's a
result of havinbg used every version of Word since before it WAS word
(MS-Works v2.0). And that was in a day. Put it this way, his CD covers are
excellent and I've had no incessant 'phone calls demanding for

Then again, my demo album should be well worth listening to once it's
recorded. I have an engineer I can rely on, or three...

>I work for myself (as an independent consultant) and I do 98% of my work
>"off-site". I could do it at home, but I rent a little office and go to
>work every morning just like a regular working stiff. It instills
>routine, helps me keep my work and personal lives separate, gives me a
>little human contact during the day, and reduces the temptation to watch
>TV or bake cookies instead of working. It also cuts down on the computer
>clutter in the house.
>Besides, I live with my mother. :)
>Seriously, even when I wasn't living with Mom, I always had an office,
>and I would never have it any other way.
>Linda K. Sherman <linsherm -at- gte -dot- net>
>Computer programming, technical writing, web development
>phone: 1-727-842-6756 fax: 1-727-842-6853

All the best,


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