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Subject: Re: TW Responsibilities
From: Cyndy Davis <kivrin -at- ZDNETMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:06:48 -0000

One person's dream job, another's worst job .... =))

I actually do get to design a lot of the inserts. We just released a package where I designed:
- the actual CD for the software
- the CD jewel case inserts
- the boxes
- the splash screens
- the posters, brochures, Powerpoints
- web page (please go see it at
- manual covers
- training video and labels
- box labels
- release material binders (very cool new concept we tried, we have gotten scads of compliments)
- Quick Start guide
- Quick Reference card (laminated cheatsheet)
- on-line help
- manually tweaking all graphics for color, size and other things

as well as writing the marketing, technical support materials and the actual manuals

I work at a smaller company so it might be an exception, but I get to be involved from conception to the moment it ships out the door. I love being able to say, "I can't describe this screen, its too confusing. Can we change it so its more intuitive?" and actually see results!!

There are times that I wish I could concentrate just on writing. There are also times that I am begging for a drawing/creative type project to break up the monotony of editing or indexing.

Hope this gives you some of the ideas you were looking for,

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 14:35:50 Rebecca Merck wrote:
>I am involved in more than just writing the text of the documentation --
>I'm responsible for everything from the product documentation design
>through production, to receipt of finished books from the printer. This
>involves interaction with print services, graphic artists, etc. I've
>also worked on packaging design and production in the past, and though
>the Product Manager is now responsible for that here, I was originally
>tasked with that part of the project as well, and am still involved.
>My dreamjob would be to handle all aspects of packaging and
>documentation, including all the little things that go in the box -- the
>CDs and their cases, the license and registration cards, all that stuff.
>Ah, it gives me something to move toward. A girl can dream, can't she?
>Why should such a question draw flames?
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>Subject: TW Responsibilities
>Hi all!
>I'm curious, do any of you get involved in other aspects of product
>development (specifically software development) other than writing the
>documentation? For example, do you interact with the professional
>printers, artists, etc., or does the product manager handle that kinda
>stuff? I'm very curious to hear all responses.
>Please, no flaming.
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