Importance of Documentation: General Public

Subject: Importance of Documentation: General Public
From: Emmy Aricioglu <EMMY_ARICIOGLU -at- HP-ROSEVILLE-OM3 -dot- OM -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 14:52:13 -0800

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Hi All,

The message below is part of a thread on my knitters listserv.
It seems that some knitters have had their knitting needles
confiscated by airline personnel.

How is this applicable to tech writing? Well, look at the quote
from the employee handbook. It seems from the lady's comments
that a lot of opportunities were missed by the tech writer.
Of course, she didn't quote the entire handbook, etc.

But it seems to me that sometimes what the public needs from us
is very different from what we think the public wants. Food for
thought, as the saying goes!


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Subject: Knit U: Airlines & Needles
Date: 2/16/99 1:18 PM

When my needles were taken away, the security check person showed me her
employee handbook which listed items such as umbrellas, knitting needles,
laptops as "risks". They were to take the umbrellas and needles and search the
laptops. I found it amazing that 4 inch knives were allowed.

As far as dangerosity goes, as has been pointed out, you could get hurt with
the ball point pen in your pocket, as well as by a piece of the propeller
flying off and cutting through the aircraft skin. Perhaps the airlines
should worry more about the intactness of their planes, electrical systems,
and hydraulics than about any potential weapons we knitters have with us.
Or about the mental status of their pilots.

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