Re: Shaded Headings in FrameMaker

Subject: Re: Shaded Headings in FrameMaker
From: Laurence Burrows <burrows -at- IBM -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:35:12 +1100

Kathleen Melly <kmelly -at- hi -dot- com> wrote:

Does anyone know how to shade a Heading in FrameMaker? I'm aware of using
the Reference Page to draw graphics (underlines, overlines, shaded boxes,
etc.), but the Advanced section of the Paragraph Designer only gives the
option of placing the graphic above or below the section. I want it to
display the graphic as an overlay.

The following method will work just fine, although the shading *will not*
adjust to the length of your headings, but will run from one side of your
column to the other.

First, select View|Reference Pages and create an Anchored frame on the Ref
page and call it Shade.

Use the Object Properties dialog (right click on the Anchored frame) and
make it as high (say 20 pts) as you need to fit your heading text. In the
same dialog box you can select the fill, colour and tint you require.

If you need a shaded rectangle less than the column width, don't give the
Anchored frame any fill. Instead, use the Rectangle tool on the Graphics
toolbar to draw a rectangle inside the Anchored frame and then adjust its
width, height, fill colour and tint as appropriate.

Deselect the Anchored frame. Select View|Body Pages.

The shading process works by having one Pgf for the shading, and using
negative Pgf spacing above & below to make it overlap with the heading.
(FM Pgfs are like playing cards -- earlier Pgfs are 'overlaid' by
subsequent Pgfs).

| |
| ______________
| | |
| | |
|__| |
| |

The two Pgf styles you create are:

1. in a new 'Shading' Pgf:
= character Size:2 pts
= Color:white **
= Language:None (so it doesn't flag the spelling checker)
= Frame Below Pgf:Shade (from the Ref page)
= Space Below Pgf:-20 pts
= Next Pgf Style:HeadingShaded.

** There is no text in this paragraph, so you can use any colour that seems

2. in a new 'HeadingShaded' Pgf:
= Space Above Pgf:-20 pts
= everything else as you have already for your headings.

You will need probably to adjust the Space Below & Above of the two Pgf
styles and the height of the Shade Anchored frame (or shaded rectangle) to
get the desired effect.


When editing, start a new paragraph, select the Shading Pgf format from the
Formatting bar and press Enter. This brings up the HeadingShaded Pgf
format. Type in the heading text (you won't see the text, just the cursor
moving to the right with each keystroke) and press Enter.

You must refresh the screen <Ctrl-L> to display your heading text
positioned over the shading.

The headings and their shaded background will print without any problems;
only the screen display is a bit peculiar.


Laurence Burrows, Navex Pty Ltd
mailto:burrows -at- ibm -dot- net, 100026 -dot- 172 -at- compuserve -dot- com
tel: +61 3 9602 4533 fax: +61 3 9602 4854

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