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Hi, Maurice.

Since I was the first one to "ding" the original posting being referred
to here, I'd like to step forward and give my thoughts to this post
(with the knowledge that there are some reading my response who will
attempt to figuratively kick my butt about it :-) .

Yes, you are right, the request was reasonable. And actually, that post
wasn't what prompted me to respond. What did move me to respond was the
subsequent posting from someone else who believed it worth injecting
something of the effect "yes, I agree".

Granted...neither of these posts, on their own, are wrong. Infact, they
were both right, and had they not been tied together, AND, had it not
been my experience that minor issues can snowball so quickly and form so
many tangents, I would have passed them by.

However, having been a list participant for several years now, I've
discovered that once you have seen the "mob mentality" at work where a
simple issue becomes so blown out of proportion, I instituted the "the
best defense is a strong offense" approach.

Right or wrong, OK, maybe it wasn't my place to do so....

> What I read in the original request was, in my opinion, quite reasonable. For those of us who receive TECHWR-L in digest format and have limited time, this request makes even more sense. I know that if I see the words "job posting," I'll run a search for the topic to see if it is appropriate. I do the same for any topic that is immediately relevant to me. It's not that I don't want to read the other postings on the list; it's just that I rarely have as much time as I would like to read them all in detail. I think this was the reason for the request: to make it easier for those persons who are job shopping to find what they want, not to criticize anybody for posting jobs. Just having a standard identifier for a job posting could make life easier for those persons in this category.
> Now comes the next problem: how to get everybody to implement one standard without placing an excessive burden on the list managers, who would have to edit all job postings that did not conform to the standard. That, I fear, is asking far too much. However, there might be some way that job postings could be submitted via an online form so as to create a standardized format; again, the question is who would manage such a project.
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