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Subject: Re: Camera Ready for Printing
From: "Gutierrez, Diane" <Diane -dot- Gutierrez -at- WESTGROUP -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:11:02 -0600

Use Adobe products, such as Illustrator, not Freehand. It has a faster
learning curve and being Adobe, will interface with PhotoShop beautifully
for the professional look you want.

For example, put your photos at 350 resolution into PhotoShop, use the
tweaking tools, do the titles and captions in Illustrator and import that
over the photo. Wow! Camera-ready art, sharp lettering and appearance
indistinguishable from that in slick brochures.

Pagemaker is an indispensable member of the team, too. The "classroom in a
book" tutorials the company puts out are excellent independent learning
tools that give you a power user command of the software tools.

Besides full control of photos and lettering, they also give you control of
elements on a page, color use, and a wider range of clip art, illustrations
and original art. They can also import scanned pictures or artwork from the
older publications you have. And then export to PDF.

Word, on the other hand, has momentary delusions of grandeur. It is not a
page setup nor a graphics program. IMHO, the blocks of text, the colored
bars and awkwardly placed clip art of this program is a dead giveaway as to
the size and budget of the announces that the <secretary> is
the advertising department, graphic artist, writer and publishing expert.
Word processing is as word processing does.

Diane Gutierrez

-----Original Message-----(snips)
Our company wants to print out our brochures with high quality graphics
and text.
So far, we have been using Photoshop for our graphics and Word97/Pdfs
but we are not satisfied with the results.
We are looking for an excellent application that will allow us to create
brochures (including import the ones we already have in Word) and get
them camera ready.

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