Re: Word--AAUGH!

Subject: Re: Word--AAUGH!
From: Paulette Hacker <PauletteH -at- SYNERGEX -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:49:47 -0800

If you can't recover the documents then you might be able to save pieces of
them. If you can still open the documents, there is a delightful little
"corruption character" that inserts itself into Word. It looks like a little
letter "y" with two dots on top of it.

I believe the sole purpose of these characters to allow Microsoft an
opportunity to taunt tech writers after destroying countless hours of work.
Check the headers and the footers for these things. They are sometimes
inserted in strange places. However, if the document freezes on a specific
page, you can rest assured they're on that page somewhere.

If you can't get near a specific page without a freeze up then copy the rest
of the document page by page (do not highlight over headers or footers or
select tables that fall across headers/footers!) and paste the text into a
blank, NEW document). Doing a "save as" simply will not work if your
document is corrupt in this way. And if it does, the document will be
crashing again shortly.

Try turning on "show hidden characters" to locate the little y characters.
Sometimes word will rearrange your margins to hide them though. So good
luck. If you cannot locate or delete these precious little "y" characters,
or if the document starts refusing to open after a couple of attempts at
copying some of the pages (inevitable I'm afraid), then you must follow
Microsoft's sage advice and "save as" to text. You will then be forced to
redo all the formatting in Word (or Frame if you want to avoid EVER having
to face this again).

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From: Moore, Tracey [SMTP:TMoore -at- PARKERVISION -dot- COM]
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 2:41 PM
Subject: Word--AAUGH!

I posted a little while back about my documents not printing
The problem was fixed temporarily by installing a new printer
But, alas, the problem came back!

I spent all day long on the phone with Microsoft today, and it turns
that my 17 documents that I spent two weeks working on, are
They must have been corrupted early on, because the original files
bad as well. (I save copies every day.) Microsoft says the only way
save the docs is to create a txt file from the docs and re-format,
reinsert the graphics. I might as well recreate the darned things.

Does anyone know of a utility that locates corruption and fixes Word
docs? Any thoughts on how to make this less painful?


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