Re: Capitalization from GUI

Subject: Re: Capitalization from GUI
From: Gerry Bourguignon <GBourgui -at- LAVASYS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:01:04 -0500

>I write end-user documentation for UNIX database segments. In several
>segments, the GUI designers used all caps for things like window titles,
>buttons, and check boxes. I am told that, for various reasons, the GUI
>can't be changed.
>My question is this: how should I capitalize things in the documents?
>My best solution is to always use title caps. Does anyone know if this
>will confuse the user? Is this the best solution? We don't do in-depth
>user testing here... I need a concrete rule to put in our style guide.

If the GUI _really_ can't be changed (because I've been told that too and
have later found out that the designer or developer just didn't really want
to change it), then I'd say to follow the same format in the docs (to be
consistent and to avoid confusing the user).

That's not a concrete rule to put in your style guide, but it's my 2 cents
worth :-) ...

>Incredibly hilarious web site:
>(Watch out: it has Java and audio stuff.)

Thanks for the chuckle! :-)

Gerry Bourguignon
Open Text Corp, LAVA Div.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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