Sometimes you get what you need...

Subject: Sometimes you get what you need...
From: Eric Ray <ejr -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 08:21:30 -0700

At 06:25 AM 2/26/99 -0800, Meyerding, Henry W wrote:
>The best way I have found to turn away from Word, with the blessing of the powers
>that be, is to thoroughly document my use of the program: how many times it
>crashed, how much time I've spent tricking it into doing something it didn't want to
>do, how long I wait for it to repaginate every time I turn around in a long document,
>and so on.

This technique is invaluable whenever you find that hardware, software,
or other intangibles keep you from working effectively or
well AND your management isn't supportive of your needs.
I think I first had to use it to get my 386dx16 upgraded
from 4 megs of RAM so I could run Pagemaker 4.0. "Boss, as I was
laying out the newsletter, I had to change views (from-the-
whole-page-to-see-what-was-happening view to the zoomed-in-
to-position-stuff-correctly view) 182 times today alone.
Each time required a 30 second delay with heavy disk churning.
That is, I spent 1.5 hours today doing nothing but looking at an
hourglass. Is that how you want me spending my time?"
Worked like a charm.


Eric J. Ray RayComm, Inc. ejray -at- raycomm -dot- com

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