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Subject: Re: Web Authoring Tools
From: Susan Vineyard <vineyard -at- CHEROKEE -dot- NSUOK -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:43:33 -0600

Actually, I use Dreamweaver to create documentation for an Intranet--including manuals for our department and documents to help users in our organization make changes and use their computers more efficiently.  I am currently looking into doing more of  this work in RoboHTM, but currently Dreamweaver is my primary tool.

I sometimes do the basic writing in Word, save it as html, and then switch to Dreamweaver. I have much more control over the code that way. Then, sometimes, when I'm finished, I save the document back to Word just to grammar-check it, then make the changes in Dreamweaver and delete the Word doc.  Front Page does not work well with non-Microsoft servers, so it isn't feasible for us.

John Nesbit wrote:

Hi All,

I am doing an evaluation on web authoring tools. I have done RoboHTML
Front Page. Is anyone aware of any other "web authoring tools" I should
into consideration during this evaluation? Someone had mentioned
like Macromedia's Dreamweaver etc. but I think that is more used for web
site creation and not to create manuals on the web. Would appreciate any
Thanks in advance for any help!

 Dreamweaver is great for creating web sites and could be used to create
manuals as well, particularly if you plan on using graphics in the
 Bundled with Dreamweaver is an excellent HTML text program--HomeSite.
So you may want to just check out HomeSite for creating text material on
the web.
 HomeSite uses very clean HTML code.
John Nesbit

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