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Subject: RE Bad idea...
From: "Comeau, Lisa" <Lisa -dot- Comeau -at- MOH -dot- GOV -dot- ON -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:41:48 -0500

Maurice King said
"If a company plans to discriminate, which is both illegal and disgusting,
TECHWR-L should NOT be the forum for posting a job opening for such a

"It would be better if the bigots were easy to identify rather than to
subject unsuspecting candidates to abuse."

I may have missed the boat on something here (and I just got off a plane
full of screaming children, so I'm not thinking straight anyway...) but HOW
do we know that a company has discriminating hiring practices? We can't
"boycott" them from the list just because it is our opinion (based on the
way we interpret the wording) that they may be discriminating...

Is a company discriminating if they only want applicants from Canada? (and
does "from Canada" refer to "born in Canada", or "immigrated to Canada at a
young age", or "currently living in Canada", or "Canadian citizen", or
something else?)

What if the company is not in a financial position to pay for the moving
expenses incurred by someone moving from another country? Is it bigotry to
say "We are sorry, but applications from candidates living outside North
America cannot be considered at this time."? Personally, I don't think so,
but if the wording in the ad was "North American applicants only", someone
would undoubtedly take offense.

I guess my point is, before we go burning anyone at the stake, and passing
up good opportunities because of the way we interpret something, hadn't we
better find out if our suspicions are founded?

Completely off-topic note:
First - for the rude putzes that ranted at me:
Can't you people find anything better to do than harass me about my "out of
office reply"? Use the &^%$#& delete key.

Second - for those of you who were more polite about it:

No, setting the listserve to "nomail" was not an option. If it were, I would
have gladly done it, if for no other reason than to not have 37 replies to
my comment about the autoreply in my last post. But thanks for the
suggestion, and I do apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused (and
for the injured fingers from hitting delete) ;-)

Lisa Comeau
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