Re: Recruiters: Is It Just Me?

Subject: Re: Recruiters: Is It Just Me?
From: Linda Sherman <linsherm -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 02:32:06 -0500

Will Grega wrote:
> There are some juicy opportunities on the Dice board and in the New York
> Times. I respond with resumes (faxed, or emailed) and maybe a phone call.
> (And I've got an impressive resume.)
> And then I don't hear from these recruiters who supposedly have these
> incredible opportunities.
> Is it just me?

No. I think it happens, to various degrees, to just about everybody, and
for varying reasons:

(1) You're not really as good a match for the job as the recruiter
(2) The job never actually existed. The recruiter is just looking for
resumes to shop around.
(3) The company got cold feet, possibly over your rate.
(4) Someone else was willing to take the position for less.
(5) You're way overqualified for what they really need.

However, I've also developed a theory that some of us (myself included)
are, for some reason or another having to do with our personalities, not
very good at selling ourselves through resumes and e-mails and phone
interviews and so on. I don't seem to make a very positive impression
people when I communicate remotely. But if I can get in the same room
with them, they fall in love with me and want to hire me. I don't
pretend to understand this. It's certainly not because of my physical

Anyway, I've given up on recruiters. I'm putting my efforts into
networking. Personal contact really does seem to work better for me. In
fact, I just got a HUGE contract through networking, and it looks like I
may get another smaller one the same way.

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