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Subject: Re: Sometimes you get what you need..
From: Linda Sherman <linsherm -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 01:45:55 -0500

William E Newkirk wrote:
> Well, the middle of my response was missing, but Arlen covered the same
> ground.
> Comes down to how you frame the requests...if you say half the staff's not
> working, you are asking for a cut.
> If you said that a few more terminals would reduce backlog and improve
> productivity and asset use, they'd probably jump for it.

Probably not. (I'll explain in a moment).

Here's my original message:

Be warned that it doesn't always work.

I once worked at a large company where the president asked me for my
suggestions. I pointed out that there was only one terminal for every
two mainframe programmers, and because of that, the programmars could
really only work half a day. His reaction: he went to the VP of MIS and
told him to fire half the programmers! Fortunately, the VP talked him
out of it.

Moral of story: be sure you have your thumb on the pulse of company
politics (I didn't).

Please re-read the first and last lines of my original message. I don't
see how I could make it any clearer that I realized my mistake and was
simply trying to advise others against falling into a similar trap. I
certainly wasn't defending my remark!

As it turned out, no argument would have persuaded this gentleman that
it was in his best interest to purchase more terminals. There was a
board-room battle going on, and he was aligned with a faction that, for
reasons I can't get into, wanted to make MIS look as bad as possible. He
certainly was not about to do anything that might make MIS look better.
Like most board-room battles, it was about egos and personal ambition,
not about what was good for the company. There were many casualties.

Like I said, keep your thumb on the pulse of company politics.

(who has been programming for 22 years and has some idea of what
programmers use their terminals for and how often)
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