Re: 2 spaces after period - reason why not

Subject: Re: 2 spaces after period - reason why not
From: Wes Tracy <wtracy -at- IU -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 07:52:12 -0500


I don't necessarily want to add these two characters myself, but if you want to
hand massage the spacing and just don't have time, you can try this (with
Microsoft Word):

1. Create your paired comma and close quote with the modified spacing.
2. Highlight your creation.
3. Go to Tools/AutoCorrect... Your new "character" will already be in the
"Replace with" box. Just type in the original period and close quote in the
"Replace" box and select OK.

Now, when ever you type a period followed by a close quote, it will
automatically provide your desired spacing. This method works great to add
special characters and symbols that you use frequently. My favorite is a
special one-row, two-cell table that I use for notes. It has a "note graphic"
in the first cell and special formatting for my text in the second cell. I
used the steps above, highlighting the whole table, and assigned "note//" as
my key word. I can throw my notes and note graphics in really fast this way
and don't even have to slow down to insert the graphic.

Enjoy and Good Luck,

Wes Tracy
Technical Writing Consultant

Diane Williams wrote:

> I'd like to invent two new ligatures:
> 1. a comma directly below a close quote
> 2. a period directly below a close quote
> These marks would be very functional and they'd save space too! I can
> do it in Word by selecting the two and condensing the amount of space
> between the two characters by 3 or 4 points. Looks good! But it takes
> up too much time.
> ==
> ~~Diane Williams
> OAO Corporation
> Information Technology Documentation & Training Coordinator
> (That's what my business card says!)
> (703) 305-2973
> USDA Food & Nutrition Services

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