Re: Learning Visual Basic -- A Good Idea?

Subject: Re: Learning Visual Basic -- A Good Idea?
From: Darren Barefoot <dbarefoot -at- MPS-CANADA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 10:51:53 -0800

My understanding and experience is that any programming experience or
knowledge can make you more appealing to employers. I learned the basics of
Visual Basic (I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit) with Visual Basic 6.0 for
Dummies. It seemed like a good introductory choice. If you're interested, I
also have a couple of bookmarks to learn-to-use-Visual Basic sites. Not as
well-written, but still handy resources.

Depending on what particular areas of software development interest you, you
may want to learn C++ or another language instead. Hope that helps. DB.

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From: Layna Andersen [mailto:laynaa -at- CARECOMPUTER -dot- COM]
Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 2:49 AM
Subject: Learning Visual Basic -- A Good Idea?

I'm a semi-newbie (8 months) tech writer in the Seattle area,
at my first job, documenting health care software (and loving it,
incidentally -- it sure beats word-processing). A programmer,
about to depart for a new job, suggested that I should learn
Visual Basic -- said I could pick it up easily if I can use Visio
(which I can), could in fact learn it from a book in 21 days. Is
this realistic? Would it increase my value and marketability as
a tech writer in good proportion to the effort expended learning
it? I have no plans to go anywhere anytime soon, but who
knows what future years may hold...

Layna Andersen

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