Needs and Wants of Employers

Subject: Needs and Wants of Employers
From: "Eric L. Dunn" <edunn -at- TRANSPORT -dot- BOMBARDIER -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 14:32:55 -0500

The following are opinions only (some are even tongue in cheek....)

>>For those of you responsible for hiring in the past (or present), what
>>skills/personality traits/experience are you willing to place lowest on
>>list when hiring a TW? (i.e.: if the ad calls for
>>-university education

>>-6 years experience

>>-TW degree

>>-American citizenship
MUST. They'll be looking for some for whom they do not have to deal with
the whole green card employment eligibility issue. If you can prove to them
you are fully employable in the US they should accept you. Unless of course
they're just being plain racist (regionalist?) about the issue.

>>-eager to please
They'll probably settle for "willing" to please. I think it's only McD
employees who have to be eager 24hrs/7days. ;-(

>>-works well under pressure
Probably a must. Have to ask yourself why the last person left the
position. (Bob couldn't take the pressure. His heart gave out. ;-))

>>-skilled with PageMaker/FrameMaker/MS Word/COBOL Programming
Most should be wants but if they are tool centric then they'll be Musts.

>>-sunny disposition
Sunny disposition AND COBOL programming?!? Or can you be a hermit with no
social skills and still have a sunny disposition? ;-) (apologies to all my
programming friends.)

>>which of those types of things are you going to "need" vs. "want"?)

>>I am just curious, and since we seem to be talking about jobs an awful
>>lately, I would like to know what you _really_ look for in an employee.
>>you make a good TW out of a really nice guy who took grade 3 English, or
Possibly, but they'd probably have an awful lot to learn. Their on the job
technical experience would have to be very good. I also doubt they would be
an acceptable candidate unless they took certificate programs to get their
perceived education above grade 3. An awful lot hinges on why exactly their
documented education stops where it does.

Eric L. Dunn

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