Re: What employers want (WAS grammar... etc.)

Subject: Re: What employers want (WAS grammar... etc.)
From: Rebecca Merck <Rebecca -dot- Merck -at- ONESOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 18:30:10 -0500

Steve said:

"How do you feel about combining experience and education? Is it your
opinion that if I were to apply for a job ad that asks for 6+ years of
experience, having only 3 years of experience but armed with a BS, I
be tossed out on my behind for ignoring the job experience

** I think it depends on whether they're asking for 6 years of writing
experience, when I would think that education could substitute, or 6
years of BUSINESS experience, when I don't think it could. Sometimes
the crucial information is how long you've been in the business world,
because of the perspective it provides. How long you've been writing
for a company that employs you and whose success and reputation depends
on how you do, versus the important-yet-different motivation of being

** I don't think I'd toss anyone out on their behind for asking the
question. But I wouldn't feel too bad about saying "No, I need real
business experience" if that experience is, in my opinion, crucial to
successful performance of the job.

** Then again, if someone had the motivation to ask the question,
showing curiousity and a willingness to do research, and the sincere
interest in the job -- that, for me, would override the 'years of
experience' requirement. But that's just me.


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