Four Questions Various Subjects

Subject: Four Questions Various Subjects
From: Lisa Ann Miller <lisamil -at- ANET-STL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 07:15:25 -0600


I have four questions that I would like call on you all's experience to

1. What is the development tool that Microsoft uses to produce "TECHNET"?
Requirements for my current project make seem similiar to the ones for
TECHNET based on its look and feel, so I'm very curious about the tool
Microsoft used for its development.

2. Before I call BlueSky and get put on hold for hours, has anyone had
problems with the SHED graphic editor not finding help project topics? I
think it has to do with the extended file and directory names I'm using,
but I'm not sure. I did put the project on my C drive using Windows 3.1
naming conventions and it worked, so I suspect its the extended naming.
What has been your experience/resolution?

3. I am using an Access database to store "Information Objects." These
are text and graphics very specifically limited to a single topic or idea.
(I'm trying to promote information reuse in a very, very large project.)
Access works great with text, but I can't export to HTML any graphics .gif
or otherwise. Has anyone else had this problem or know a workaround (or
know what I might be doing wrong)?

4. Last question - has any used the tool 4Keeps? I'm going to be
evaluating it soon for its ability to convert my .vsd diagrams to .gif and
produce HTML. I was wondering what experiences you all have had with it.

Thanks in advance for you comments and advice. This list is invaluable.

Lisa Miller
Technical Writer
St. Louis, Missouri
lisamil -at- anet-stl -dot- com
lisa -dot- miller -at- anheuser-busch -dot- com

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