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Subject: Re: Interview & testing
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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:28:42 -0000


I have found that Testing is a waste of time. Why? Because testing doesn?t reveal anything and I find it totally unprofessional on the companies part to test individuals. If you have to test an individuals abilities then why bother in the first place? Why did I struggle to through college? I know, just so could hand me a test. It seems to that testing is another way of saying ?prove it.?

A long time ago I went to a job interview after the interviewee had sliced and diced me she handed me a test form. I was horrified. I panicked. Off course, I did lousy, but what surprised me was that she called me back and offered me the job. When I asked how I did, she told me that I had flunked about 80% of the test. I knew that myself; after all, I was completely caught of guard. I then asked why she was offering me the job. She said because overall I was better than the other candidates, who passed the test, but lacked in areas such as personality.

Now when I go to a job and they hand me a test, I simply tell them politely thank you for the interview but I don?t think I?m what you looking for. As for 12-pages, what are you trying to do? Torture someone? If I Wanted a Test, I?d go to the DMV!


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