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Subject: Re: FWD: Explanations for getting fired
From: Steve Fouts <stefou -at- ESKIMO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 09:38:36 -0800

Anonymous User wrote:
> I was fired several years ago from a marketing/tech writing position at a
> software company. It was a situation in which I was embarrassingly
> unprofessional and unable to see past my own insecurities and anger in
> dealing with a new boss. Looking back, I realize that I should accept 99% of
> the responsibility for my getting let go, and I've been able to truly turn
> myself around personally and professionally.
> Now that I've been successfully working at two other companies as a contract
> and a full-time tech writer, I would like your opinion on how to explain why
> I was let go when seeking other employment. I want to keep the explanation
> short and succinct without pointing fingers at anyone. What would you say?

We've all made mistakes. I've made some doozies! I would handle it almost
exactly as above.

"There was a difference of opinion, I didn't handle it very well. I was
fired, and in retrospect the firing was just. If I had it to do over, I
would handle it very differently, but it's water under the bridge. I
learned a lot from my mistakes."

I wouldn't have any qualms about hiring someone that could look me in
the eye and say that...

Steve Fouts stefou -at- eskimo -dot- com

I never saw an author who was aware that there is any
dimensional difference between a fact and a surmise.
- Mark Twain

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