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Subject: Re: Interview Questionnaire: Follow-up -Reply
From: Colleen Adams <colleen_adams -at- MEDISPAN -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:55:34 -0500

I'm glad you asked this question... I can see how my post has spun completely out of control and pushed some buttons... (not my intent, but that's okay).

My answer: Candidate B, hands-down, no questions asked

As a manager, I do not use testing as *the* deciding factor on hiring a potential candidate--bad idea. I use it as *one* of the *many* factors that help me come to a conclusion. Other factors I use: communication skills (probably above all), past experience, writing samples (to a small extent--these can be deceiving, too), knowledge of tools (which I also test), references, opinions from the rest of my team, and many others.

True Story: I hired a "technical writer" last year. He had 15+ years in the industry (more than myself even--I was hoping to learn something from him). He worked for some *big* companies as a writer. He had excellent references. He brought writing samples to the interview. He had great communication skills. He seemed competent. Perfect candidate for the job, right?


Was he competent? NO. Aside from *not* being able to put sentences together, he couldn't find a spelling error if it knocked him in the head with a hammer. He also claimed to be experienced in FrameMaker, yet he didn't know the software could put captions on graphics.

So I let him go.

Had I wished I tested him? Yes. It may have uncovered this incompetence before I invested and wasted a lot of time and money and months of frustration.

My .02.
Colleen Adams
External Documentation Manager
First DataBank, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
colleen_adams -at- firstdatabank -dot- com

>>> stark vision <stark_vision -at- HOTBOT -dot- COM> 03/10/99 12:15pm >>>

Let me pose this question:

You have two candidates.

Candidate A passed your 12-page test with flying colors, but he/she has the personality of a brick and shows about as much enthusisasm as wet paint drying on the wall.

Candidate B didnÆt do so well on your test, but he/she is hungry for work full of life and is eager to do the job.

Which candidate do you choose?

I suspect that if you like the candidate, youÆll overlook the test results and go with the person thatÆs going to fit in and not challenge your every move.

Just my thoughts,


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