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Subject: Re: About giving notice...
From: Roy Anderson <royanderson -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 16:16:03 -0500

JGREY wrote:
> I empathize with the anonymous poster who doesn't want to leave his/her
> company in the lerch. However, my view has always been that it's an even
> contract: you work, the company pays you, and neither party holds further
> claim. I encourage the anonymous poster to exercise his/her two-week notice
> without worry.
> Peace,
> jim
> jim grey \ Documentation Manager
> Made2Manage Systems, Inc. \ jgrey -at- made2manage -dot- com

Jim is absolutely correct. Your company is staffed by big boys and girls.
They'll survive despite losing you. Heck, they might even hire me. (Grin.)

When a wonderful opportunity arises, you owe it to your future to progress
beyond the limitations of your present work environment. Confronting the
challenges of life requires fortitude and courage but you'll seldom regret
your actions. If your new job doesn't work out, move again. Keep growing;
keep pushing yourself. It's a cool feeling to walk into a new employer's
place after a few weeks and think, "Wow! I kicked butt and took names."
That sense of accomplishment, that realization of self-worth, is priceless.

Things have changed in our country and world. Loyalty Avenue is now a one
way street. Accept that fact. Be professional, provide your employer with
value, collect your pay, and create an active personal life for yourself.
There is a life outside the office.

As someone else suggested, don't burn your bridges behind you. Tell your
current employer that you'll be willing to provide some transition advice
after you leave. I always sent my former managers and VPs thank you cards
to express my appreciation for having been given the opportunity to work
and grow while in their employ. Never had trouble securing references from
a former employer. Unfortunately, they're all dead or retired now. (Grin.)

Tender your two week notice and move on with your life. Good luck to you!


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