Re: Online revisions feature in Word

Subject: Re: Online revisions feature in Word
From: "HICKEY, John David" <jdhickey -at- GROUPE-PROGESTIC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:48:10 -0500


>I have tried this several ways, and the colors/styles change to
whatever the
>current file setting is when I merge the files. Does anybody know how
to do
>this? Also, one alternative I might use is comments, but I can't find a
>to add the reviewer names to the author list.

You could use the highlighting tool in Word and assign each reviewer a
different color, but that could make your Word document look like a
Christmas Tree from Three-Mile Island ("Mommy! Why is Santa's second
head glowing?").

If you want to use the styles, you could ask each reviewer to preview
their comments with their initials. Then create a style for each
reviewer and do a search and replace on the reviewer's initials,
replacing it with the proper style.

For example:

* Your reviewer whose name is Ruprecht the Monkey Boy would
preface each of his comments with RMB. Create a style called Monkey and
apply a Red Arial Bold on it.
* When you get your comments back from this guy, search for RMB
and select the Monkey style in the Replace field. Everytime the search
engine finds RMB, it applies the Monkey style to the paragraph.

Repeat as necessary. Add salt to taste.
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
Technical Writer
Montreal, Quebec

Do not confuse my opinions with my employers'
Each exists in blissful ignorance of the other.

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