SUMMARY: Boston job info

Subject: SUMMARY: Boston job info
From: "HICKEY, John David" <jdhickey -at- GROUPE-PROGESTIC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:07:39 -0500


My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who responded. I got
some great information on the city and the job market. I've already been
contacted by three agencies and the ball's rolling along nicely.

In this techwhirler post, I'll summarize the job-related information I
received about Boston. I'm also sending a summary of this information to
the people who requested it, but this email also includes the "hip
places to live" information I also requested. I can post that
information here too if anyone wants it, but in the interests of
technical-writing-related-posts, I'll refrain from that until requested
to do so.

If you're a Canadian thinking of working in the States, you should check
these websites out. Thanks to Josee Mariann Proulx
(proulxj -at- globalserve -dot- net):

In a nutshell, once you have a written confirmation for a job, you get
the border and show proof that you are a technical writer with a diploma
and/or letters stating your past employment as a technical writer.

If I remember correctly, the TN-1 visa costs 40$USD and is renewable
year. Employers love it because it is free to them.

Check out those sites: (my favorite)

Cindy Byrne (byrneca -at- cdm -dot- com) said

You might want to check out these links if you haven't already: and the newspaper site career sections: (Boston Globe) and
(Boston Herald). There also seem to be a lot of Boston listings on the
Monster Board. ZDNet also has local offices.
Tracy Morrow (tmorrow -at- lgc -dot- com) proclaimed that I should try
Lorraine Doyle (lorraine -dot- doyle -at- tfn -dot- com) cried:

To get started quickly, you might as well use agencies, especially
if you're looking for permanent work. ClearPoint is quite good, and
MicroTech Consultants has also been strong recently.
Stacy Schwingle (schwingle -at- bigfoot -dot- com) sang in three-part harmony:

I'd recommend getting yourself set up with an agency. I've had lots of
contact with Micro Tech Professionals. [...] I've found that a posting
on is a good way to get folks to call you.
Robyn Nace (robyn -at- hotmail -dot- com) thumped her style guide and shouted:

I just looked for work in New Hampshire, and WinterWyman
( is a very good agency that helped me. I
also heard good things about Clearpoint Consultants, but I didn't use
them personally.
The STC has a great site
Renda Mott (renda -dot- mott -at- tfn -dot- com) thought it wise to add:
The placement agency with the best reputation is Clear Point
(, and you should check the Boston Globe site, too
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
Technical Writer
Montreal, Quebec

Do not confuse my opinions with my employers'
Each exists in blissful ignorance of the other.

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