Justification for Framemaker Training

Subject: Justification for Framemaker Training
From: Misti Anslin Tucker <matucker -at- MMM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:12:38 -0500

Hi, folks!

This is a minor variation on a common theme, but after downloading hundreds
of pages from the archive, I haven't found quite what I'm looking for.

To keep the flame low on this topic, if you have a response it might be
best to send it to me and I'll summarize for the list if anyone's

I'm a contractor for an IT Body Shop. I come in on a contract, write a
document or a document set for a , and move on. Jobs average between 3
months and a year. Since we don't get bench time, it behooves me to keep
my "tool set" up to date.

After following the conversation here on the list, I decided to add a basic
understanding of VB and Framemaker to my tool set and asked to get those
application "on loan" from the contract house under their internal training
program. VB was no problem, but I was asked to write a white paper
justifying why writers at this company should be trained in Frame, since
'everyone already has Word'.

I can handle the comparison of Frame and Word as tools, using the reams of
information in the archives -- but I could also use ammunition about how it
will improve the company's image and the writers' marketability to have two
tools available instead of one. (We're already able to get training in
both Doc-to-Help and RoboHelp.)

So, does anyone know where I might find this kind of information?

For instance:
what percentage of professional documentation is created using Frame vs.
what percentage of clients would prefer a documentor versed in several
What percentage of time can one generally save on projects when not
having to fight Microsoft over corrupted files, etc.
what would the effect on the bottom line be if my company provided
writers who can use either Word or Framemaker, depending on the project?

Of course, any other factors that would influence the folks in accounting
and sales would be great, too!


Misti Anslin Tucker
matucker -at- mmm -dot- com

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