Re: Alternative to "option" for dialog box options

Subject: Re: Alternative to "option" for dialog box options
From: "Bennett, Robert" <RBENNETT -at- TECHDATA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:00:16 -0500


First, let me see if I understand your question: You are trying to tell
users to select an option as part of a series of steps. Some steps require
that the user select something, but others allow the user to not select
anything, right? If that is the case, try phrasing the optional options as
conditional statements and using a brief additional statement for the
required options. I also find it helpful to use more specific terminology.
For example:

Rather than:

"From the list of required options, select an option"
or "From the list of optional options, select an option at your option."

-- Please forgive the hyperbolic example ;-)


"From the list of options, select a widget. You must select at least one
widget. You can select additional widgets by holding down the ctrl key as


"If you prefer a particular type of widget, select it from the list of
options. If you do not indicate a preference, WidgetMaster automatically
provides the least-expensive model."

I just love these little puzzles, don't you?


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