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Subject: Re: Looking for samples
From: WesTracy <wtracy -at- IU -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 07:27:28 -0500


As a prospective Technical Writer, one of the greatest skills I feel a
successful person needs is the ability to get along well with others.
The nature of our job requires that we establish a good rapport with
engineers and designers, as well as with the rest or our writing or
project team. The folks I see that don't make it are more often not the
ones that can't determine whether online is hyphenated or not. Rather,
It's those that can't get along.

To that end, we need to curb our desires to lash out when we get
frustrated (and we, all of us, will get frustrated). I've received the
Happy99 virus myself a couple of times. Fortunately, I had already read
about it and did not open it. However, I know that those who are
infected, and pass the virus on, are usually unaware of it themselves.
The virus does this automatically. It's not malicious. Whenever the
infected system sends an email, the virus automatically sends a second
email with the .exe file attached. I believe it also takes the
addresses of other recipients on received mail and sends those folks a
copy of itself.

In my case, I notified the person that I got the virus from, and they
were mortified that they had been passing it. I'm very sure that Jerry
Kenny, as a professional writer, would never intentionally infect
another person's system. This may qualify as one of those cases where
lashing back, especially by pubicly and intentionally notifying all of
us, might not have been the best example of that restraint that you will
need to develop to succeed as a writer.

My input for your thesis; restraint and human relations are a big part
of our job. We need to dig up the material before we can write it. I
actually felt Jerry's input was good and valid. I can almost sense that
you didn't agree with it, but in interviewing for material we need to be
ready to absorb and review all material, not just the pieces that are
"what we wanted to hear". Good luck on your thesis and your future

Wes Tracy <wtracy -at- iu -dot- net>
Technical Writing Consultant

Sean Olson wrote:
>. . . I received two responses . . . I guess I should have included the
> additional request that if you are a misanthropic freak, please ignore me
> by not responding.
> As I am new to this list, I would appreciate some advice as to how a
> complaint is filed with the list regarding the intentional and malicious
> spreading of computer viruses.

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