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Subject: Re: Help! First TW job interveiw
From: Wes Tracy <wtracy -at- IU -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 09:31:05 -0500


Since you're being interviewed for entry level, try to look and act enthusiastic.  Stress any writing that you did in college.  If asked about previous writing, simply say something on the order of  "I haven't worked as a technical writer before, but I completed several research projects and wrote quite a few reports while pursuing my Master's Degree.  I got a lot of very positive feedback from my professors on my writing." (of course, if you didn't get good grades or other positive feedback, don't lie about it.)  This type of answer may help show eagerness, enthusiasm, and the ability to write and research--building materials for a good technical writer.

Whatever you do, I need to respectfully disagree with an earlier reply to ask them about the age requirement.  I would expect the Managers and HR folks to be on the lookout for anyone that is going to spout regulations or (openly) measure their every decision against them.  That isn't to say a perceived wrong shouldn't be discussed professionally with your supervisor, but not every issue, and certainly not during the interview.  If they openly tell you that you're younger than what they had in mind, try to reply with an assertion that you can understand their concerns in hiring a very youthful person, but you've always been considered mature for your age.  If they say you're too old,  try something like "Yes, I'm a little older than the majority of college graduates, but I think you'll find the extra maturity will make me a more dedicated and stable worker and come in helpful for interacting with other team members."

Be positive, be energetic, show enthusiasm for the job and interest in the company.  Research the company ahead of time and ask one or two questions to show that you did research it and are interested in the company.  I like to comment on their web site if they have one (loads fast, logically laid out, great graphics, etc.).  Many companies are proud of their site whether they deserve to be or not.  Don't criticize it, though.  We had one guy during an interview that said ours was pretty atrocious and we needed him to fix it  (no surprise, we found we didn't really need him at all).

Good luck in your interview.

Wes Tracy  <wtracy -at- iu -dot- net>
Technical Writing Consultant From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000=

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