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Subject: Re: Writing Specifications thread
From: CASSIN Gilles <GCassin -at- MEGA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:48:17 +0100

Josee Mariann Proulx wrote:<snip>Scott Wahl responded:<snip>Valarie
Tassari threaded:<snip>
Gilles Cassin adds:
It all depends on the organization you work for. This remembers me of a
meeting, a few years ago, on the 27th of December (Thursday):
-Development Team Manager: the Beta //euphemism for pre-alpha// is to be
delivered on January 2. (Tuesday)
-TW (I): OK, just give me the product
-Developer: Doesn' work yet
-DTM: You can use the specs, they are fine.
-TW (still I): If they are OK, just handle them to the client, it's only
for a Beta and the client knows.
-DTM: We can't! The specs outdated, they won't be able to use the
product with that //censored//
-TW : //the reader uses the onomatopoeia she/he prefers//.

In this company, I refused to edit//co-operate for the specs
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My opinions are mine, and neither you nor my company can take credit for
them. YOU can cite them if you think they were of use.

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