FW: Quadralay Stories Please

Subject: FW: Quadralay Stories Please
From: Lynn Perry <CLPerry -at- WALLDATA -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 13:14:30 -0800

> Phillip Wilkerson wrote:
<snip> Please relate off-list any positive or negative experiences /
advice using
> Quadralay to convert FrameMaker to HTML. This solution seems to address
> the
> single-sourcing issue of how to get to HTML from a FM file.

We use Quadralay Web Works Publisher to convert to HTML (and to PDF, which
is why we need the single-sourcing). It works really great for us,
considering that one person took the time to investigate and write up the
process, and the rest of us follow his instructions.

We add links to each letter in the index, to the cover page, and to the
Table of Contents. We also do a bit of editing to move the chapter number so
that it is physically co-located with the chapter name, but that is probably
just our particular implementation of styles.

I find the conversion extremely fast: less than a minute for 50 pages. The
HTML is a bit dense, to me: line breaks where I don't expect them, and not
where I do, but once you figure out how they break the lines, it's just like
every other kind of code you might run into.

When we convert to PDFs, we add links to the Table of Contents and Index
pages. Not sure why this isn't done automatically, but I'm sure it's
something to do with styles.

In any case, it is as perfect a solution for single-sourcing as I can think
of, given the difference in media.

C. Lynn Perry
clperry -at- walldata -dot- com
Wall Data Incorporated / Seattle WA
Some days it doesn't pay to gnaw through the straps

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