Re: CE statement/notice text?

Subject: Re: CE statement/notice text?
From: Peter Jones <Holtec -at- COMITY -dot- DEMON -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 15:30:54 +0100

In message , Kevin McLauchlan <KMcLauchlan -at- CHRYSALIS-ITS -dot- COM> writes

Hi Kevin,

You probably already know this but I re-cap for those who are unaware of
CE marking. Anything that is for sale in the EU must (in principle I
think) carry the CE mark. This means that the *manufacturer* is
asserting that the product is safe and 'plays nicely with the other
kids' (to borrow a description used elsewhere on this list).

What this means for the designers of, say, a mains powered radio (like a
computer for example -- engineer's joke) is that it must satisfy the
"Low Voltage Directive", it must not radiate undesirable signals and it
must not be susceptible to interference from unwelcome outside

When manufacturers put the CE mark on their radio they are saying: the
radio is safe, will not interfere with other radios and will not be
interfered with by other malign radios. All of course within limits.
Toys were the first things that had to comply with EU CE safety
regulations and carry the CE mark.

The tricky part of this is the 'policing'. Basically it is up to the
manufacturer to make sure that the product complies and to have enough
documentation to support the claim that it meets the regulations (for
example by having products tested by 'Competent Bodies' and maintaining
the certification).

If another player in the market thinks that the product falls down in
some area then the competitor may (will) point this out and it is up to
YOU to prove that you are in the clear. Some Europe based multinationals
have stated policy to aggressively pursue any competitors they believe
not to be toeing the line.

The consequence for the Technical Author is that any statement made
relating to the safety or compatibility of a product had better be
backed up by a certificate to prove it. It also means that it is wise to
have the engineers (not just the lawyers) OK any statements about these
areas and preferably to sign all documents off as OK (is this not just
standard practice anyway?).

If you have further problems with how exactly to state in the manual
that the product complies with CE reg's try looking in one of the
national standards kept by, for example, British Standards (these are
available in major UK libraries and I guess in US ones too) or try
quizzing the IEEE.

A quick look at a product document from one of the aforementioned
multinationals says something like:

This product conforms to the EMC requirements as laid down by the
Council Directive blah

The CE symbol (that must conform to the EC drawing for the symbol) is
placed next to the text. EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Pip pip.
Peter Jones

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