Re: UNIX vs. Unix

Subject: Re: UNIX vs. Unix
From: Doug Nickerson <doug_nickerson -at- ONSETCOMP -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:39:11 -0400

artc -at- northchurch -dot- net writes:
>Both Webster's Computer Terms and Newton's Telecom dictionaries list it as
>case, only.
>In Bellcore's Catalog of Technical Information, it's upper case (only) and
>listed as a trademark owned by Novell.
>At the (late) UNIX World magazine, it was always upper.
>And in docs I've copy edited, I've always marked the lower case flavor as
>Art Campbell

Dear Art et al,

Some (circumstancial) supporting evidence:
the technical editor on my book (who was emplyed by Lucent), always
changed all Unix(es) to UNIX.

Doug Nickerson
Author: "Official Netscape JavaBeans Developer's Guide"

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