Repost: Re: What's it called? (code-free, I hope)

Subject: Repost: Re: What's it called? (code-free, I hope)
From: Jan Stanley <janron -at- CONCENTRIC -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 15:01:38 -0400

Sorry, all, about the previous mess. Drat that Outlook Express!
I hope I've cleaned this up...


To the question "what do you call an .exe file that is not the
main executable?" -- I'd probably call it "an .exe file." Seems
to me that the novice user/English-not-the-first-language
business might be a red herring here -- won't your users,
whatever their language and experience level, be able to see that
the name of the file ends in .exe?

But I wonder if you could sidestep the issue...

Would you really have to say both "Run this ???" and "Result:
This will run the ???"? And if you do have to say both, what
about saying "run the process" rather than "run the
executable/program/file>? (You could name the process, if that
would be important to your readers: "To run the FixThatThing
process manually....")

What about something along the lines of...

[If the abnormal event occurs, you must run the process
To run the process manually,
1. Look in the directory C:\Program\<ApplicationName>.
2. Click on the <filename> file to highlight it, then press

[After running the process manually, go back to main installation


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