Re: including only part of dialog in screen shot

Subject: Re: including only part of dialog in screen shot
From: Svi Ben-Elya <svi -dot- ben-elya -at- AKS -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 09:47:45 +0200

Try placing a heavy box aroung the areas you want to emphasize in full
screen shots. You can then use this same technique for the partial shots
that follow, i.e., use the same heavy box around the entire partial

Also, I recommend that you purchase a more advanced screen shot utility.
Ireceived Full Shot as part of a RoboHelp upgrade and am still amazed at
how much time it has saved. I'm sure that there also are other similar


On 5/6/99 5:12:03 PM Gilda Spitz wrote:
>How do other people "out there" handle this situation?
>When we have a dialog or other graphic element that is quite large, and
>accompanying text refers to one small part of it, we sometimes don't want
>to show the whole thing, for two reasons:
>- the whole dialog takes up too much space
>- we want the reader to focus on the particular area we're explaining
>But how do you make it clear that you're including a partial picture?
>At a previous employer, I used to work for a manager who was very talented
>with graphic software. He used Photoshop to create a very nice fading
>effect above or below the focus area, which neatly illustrated that the
>screen shot was "incomplete". I have no such talents, and I'm looking for
>some simpler way to accomplish the same effect with just MS Paint.
>I've experimented the spray can tool, but it looks weird. For now, we're
>just including a sentence that says " Only the pertinent area of ...
>appears in this example", but I'm really not happy with it. Sometimes we
>just use the whole picture along with a callout.
>What do you folks out there do?
>Gilda Spitz
>Manager, Documentation and Translation
>Longview Solutions, Inc.

Svi Ben-Elya
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