Re: Scalding vat of liquid tungsten

Subject: Re: Scalding vat of liquid tungsten
From: Svi Ben-Elya <svi -dot- ben-elya -at- AKS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 09:13:09 +0200

Actually I have found that recommending changes is an integral part of an
in-house tech writer's job. In my opinion, this is one of the advantages of
using an in-house (captive) writer or developing a long term relationship
with a contractor.

On 5/5/99 4:42:48 AM John Posada wrote:
>Here's another one.
>I came on about 8 weeks ago to write the manual for an
>app that was frozen for v.1 and developers were
>already working on v.2
>As I'm writing the doc...maybe around 320 pages
>to-date, I start coming across things "that shouldn't
>have been there or act that way", so I start writing
>emails to the development team with my findings...I
>think I'm at about 15-20 reports so far. Most of the
>development team is in Brussels and Costa Rica, so it
>has to be done by email.
>They seemed to have been well received, or at least
>none came back with F-You in the subject line. :-)
>Anyway, today, I meet in-person the developer who I've
>been directing these emails to. He tells me that in
>about two weeks, they are, based on my findings,
>postponing the delivery of of the app from June 1 to
>August 1 and that a team of 4 developers are going to
>stop work on v.2 and put v.1 of the software through a
>2 week in-depth testing and repair program.
>Some days, you eat the bear, and some days, the bear
>eats you.
>--- Jean Weber <jhweber -at- WHITSUNDAY -dot- NET -dot- AU> wrote:
>> Andrew Plato <intrepid_es -at- yahoo -dot- com> wrote about
>> influencing software
>> engineers by asking tactful and appropriate
>> questions. Here's one of my
>> stories:
>> One day I was interviewing a software engineer, who
>> was showing me the
>> latest working version of a product that was just
>> about to ship. At one
>> point in the backup-to-floppy procedure, the usual
>> warning comes up: "This
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