Re: Summary [RE: Another Frame graphic question]

Subject: Re: Summary [RE: Another Frame graphic question]
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 07:29:06 -0700

OK, guys...I've received many possible ways of
handling the space above an anchored frame issue, some
of them quite inovative..

In fact, I've recieved so many that there is no way I
could summarize for the list, so when I have time,
probably this weekend, I'll combine all of them into a
web page and place a link to it on my site at

I'll send an email to the lists when I've done it so
you can check them out.

However, in the mean time, following, with thanks to
Sean Brierly, is a very rough catagorization of the
approaches for doing this (plus others that aren't
included), and then I'll give you my process.

> 1. Stretching the frame vertically, so there is
> space between the frame boarder and the text.
> 2. Creating a paragraph style specifically as a
> frame anchor.
> 3. Using a table, not a frame, for graphics and
> using padding in the table cells.

The way I chose:

First, I didn't want to use tables for the graphic
because, to confuse matters even more, these documents
will be converted to Word files using mif2rtf and
since an existing style guide calls for each step to
be in a table cell with a border (PLEASE!!! don't
ask!!) and Word doesn't allow tables inside of

So..Here's the process.

Make an anchored frame, "Below Current Line" left
aligned, 3.75" wide (same as text column) and place
the anchor to the frame after the period of the
paragraph above it.

Insert the graphic in the anchored frame, referenced,
not copied into.

Size the graphic appropriatly, make the graphic
alignment Left-Top. This makes sure that it is aligned
to the left margin and with 0 space above. The graphic
is now against the top left corner of the frame and
too close to the paragraph above it.

Highlight the graphic, select Object Properties, an
add .1" to the Offset from Top. This makes the graphic
appear to be .1" from the paragraph above it. Since
this is the amount of space between the bottom of the
frame and the caption, it has a balanced look.

That's about it. It may not be the most elegant way,
but they like the way the document looks around here.

Give me a few days and I'll post the address to the
page that will have every response (maybe close to 40
of them) received...

Thanks, guys.
John Posada
Western Union International
(w) jposada -at- westernunion -dot- com
(p) john -at- tdandw -dot- com
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