Re: 'Prepend' isn't a word, is it?

Subject: Re: 'Prepend' isn't a word, is it?
From: Philomena Hoopes <PHILA -at- MAIL -dot- VIPS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 13:48:51 -0400

Interestingly enough, the prefix ap- does not appear to apply to the word
"append" least, my American Heritage dictionary doesn't divide it that
way. "Append" is traced to the Latin "appendere," meaning "to hang upon."

Methinks we may have another case of "her"story here...i.e., misinterpreted

If you're looking at "ap-" as a prefix, though, it can be used as a variant
of both "ad-" (meaning "toward") and "apo-" (meaning "away from"). So from
this pespective, ap-pend could have either of two opposite meanings.

<VEG> I'd vote for the Humpty Dumpty approach...words shall mean whatever WE
want them to mean! Pre-pend, post-pend, peri-pend, ante-pend...cut and paste
prefixes at your pleasure! Definitions are --er -- pending! THERE'S glory
for you!

(Or did developers already have dibs on that philosophy?)

Philomena Hoopes
Phila -at- vips -dot- com <mailto:Phila -at- vips -dot- com>
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Sent: Friday, May 14, 1999 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: 'Prepend' isn't a word, is it?

My MickeySoft Word gives me several options as other words
for "append", one
of them being "affix", which would work for either append or
prepend. BTW -
"append" is defined as "put in", and in this case, it it
synonymous with "affix"...

Lisa Comeau
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