Re: Should I Say Something?

Subject: Re: Should I Say Something?
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 09:23:03 -0700

If the reason for showing the sample was to evaluate
how the person being interviewed reacted, he/she would
have been informed as such. However, I believe that
the person being interviewed asked to see the wasn't volunteered. If it was part of
the evaluation, he/she wouldn't have had to ask for
the sample. it would have been presented as part of
the interview. might have been part of some grand
convoluted plot by the company doing the interview.
Maybe...however, I've found that when you are
interviewing, and you want the job as opposed to
taking the show on the road to test new material, go
with the response that has the best chance of having a
positive reaction.

Just like in are taught to never ask a
question unless it will generate a "yes" answer as
opposed to "no". Get the prospect in the habit of
saying "yes", then when it comes time to ask for the
order, they've already gotten used to saying "yes".

You are there for one reason and one reason
get the job. if it won't increase your odds, don't do

BTW...regarding my line above about testing new
material...yes, I've gone to interviews (not often,
but a few) where for one reason or another, I didn't
particularly want the position (maybe low rate, maybe
long commute, whatever). However, since interviewing
is a learned skill and it takes continual practice,
I've gone to some interviews just to try out new
responses to see how they are received.

--- "Comeau, Lisa" <Lisa -dot- Comeau -at- MOH -dot- GOV -dot- ON -dot- CA> wrote:
> John said:
> "What if what you critique something that was
> written by the person you are
> interviewing with and he was real proud of that
> content?"
> ...and what if you were given the sample chock full
> of errors to see how you
> react, or how well you proofread? Catch 22. You
> could always ask where the
> samples came from, why they were chosen - anyrthing
> to get more info, and
> then ask if they would be interested in your
> comments...
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