Re: Lengthy Resumes

Subject: Re: Lengthy Resumes
From: Linnea Dodson <tscribe -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 04:40:52 PDT

I have had a lot of short term contracts where the experience and
exposure I gained are too valuable to leave out.

How do the veteran contractors condense their resume without shutting
themselves out of a position because that key piece of experience was
removed from their resume (besides tailoring each resume to a job?)

It may come to a new resume for each job, but maybe this will help. I've
also got a lot of my experience in bits and pieces in short-term contracts.
What I've finally done on my resume is to have bullet lists of
accomplishments on the first page, grouped by category, as in:

Developed student guide and teacher's manual for XX software, XX Corp.
Taught 2-day class in YY software, YY Training Group


Then on page two I list the companies in chronological order, hoping that
most of the recruiters will pretty much make their decisions based on page
one, because my employment record is a tangled mess of simultaneous
short-term contracts.

This is a recent resume redesign, so I can't say how "street-worthy" it is,
but maybe it would work for you.

Nea Dodson
as usual, speaking only for myself and not my company

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