Re: Phrasing recommendations

Subject: Re: Phrasing recommendations
From: Paul Strasser <paul -dot- strasser -at- WINDSOR-TECH -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 10:40:09 -0500

I'm a little uncertain about the use of "recommend" -- Is the recommended
course of action simply the best of several worthy options? ("... because of
XYZ, we recommend taking the scenic route rather than the Interstate")

Anyway -- if there is a recommendation, it means that someone is doing the
recommending. With this in mind, "We recommend" is preferable. "It is
recommended" is not as strong -- Who is doing the recommending, and why?

In either case, an explanation of why a certain course of action is
recommended or preferable is a good idea. Whenever I see "we recommend" I
like to know why.

Paul Strasser

>I searched the books I own and the list archives and did not find any
>information about phrasing recommendations and I hope the list can help.
>Currently the manual reads, "We recommend that you do not change the user
>name and leave the default." The "We recommend" part is where I shudder
>(and struggle). I do not want to say "It is recommended..." either.
>How should I phrase a recommendation for installation or a setting within a
>software program? Any suggestions?

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