Re: PDF questions -- file too large for web viewing

Subject: Re: PDF questions -- file too large for web viewing
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 13:49:32 -0700


It is only "wasted" bandwidth if there is a more
economical way of doing it. If you make the user go
through all kinds of hoops just to make a file smaller
for the sole purpose of making the file smaller, then
in the overall scheme of things, you didn't do anyone
any favors.

I'm all for taking advantage of time and space
savings, if the user would say "thanks". However, if
the use would say "don't do me any favors", then I

BTW...I noticed from your sig that you are in am I, near the Paramus Mall.

BTW(2)...the problem I have with taking online
information and having the user bring it offline to
read is that one of the beauties of having info online
is you can change it whenever you want and the user
gets only the current version. Have them place a copy
local and they will continue to go to their local copy
long after the document has been revised online,
though they won't know it.

> I'm not one for posting large files to web sites to
> have users access over
> the Internet/an Intranet. This wastes bandwidth.
> Have you thought about
> compressing the files and then having the users
> download and view them
> offline?
> Just a thought...
> Brian
> ICS, Paramus, NJ (USA)

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