Re: Microsoft rules on navigate vs. explore?

Subject: Re: Microsoft rules on navigate vs. explore?
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 13:53:07 -0700

I have both books and I use both books. When I cannot
make up my mind on something, I reference each, then
pick the one I like.

"Read Me First" is written by SUN, and "Manual of
Style" is written by Microsoft.

Since SUN is UNIX oriented and MS is Windows oriented,
be carefull that you don't end of using UNIX specific
terminology to describe a Windows concept.

For example...on page 139 of "Read Me First", there is
some information describing the elements of a GUI

If you use the term "Control Area", "Top Cable
Anchor", or "Footer" when describing a WinGUI Window
element, you might confuse some people.

What I do like about the "Read..." book is it contains
much more information on document management and
developing publication rules (kinda like a Cliff Notes
version of "Managing Your Documentation

--- "Merrick, Tim" <tim -dot- merrick -at- LSIL -dot- COM> wrote:
> Geoff Hart wrote:
> "To me, the first issue here is why anyone would
> consider using the
> Microsoft style guide in the first place. Treat it
> as a
> secondary reference, sure, but if you've got any
> choice, opt instead for
> "Read me first" (Sun's award-winning style guide,
> edited by Janice Gelb et al.)."
> Amen, Geoff. I am leading a team to specify
> standards for our pubs group,
> and we just sent our reference recommendations to
> management. We recommended
> that our primary style guide be "Read Me First!" and
> that the MS guide be
> adopted as a secondary reference, mostly for
> consensus on terminology.
> Tim Merrick
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> LSI Logic Storage Systems
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