Re: Decimal point alignment in HTML Tables

Subject: Re: Decimal point alignment in HTML Tables
From: Jean Weber <jhweber -at- WHITSUNDAY -dot- NET -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 19:47:27 +1000

"Parks, Beverly" <ParksB -at- EMH1 -dot- HQISEC -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL> wrote,
>>Use <PRE> tags, as long as you can live with the monospaced, courier look.
You at least won't have to worry about browser versions supporting it or not.<<

When reviewing some HTML pages I coded a couple of years ago, which
contained tables of data set off by PRE tags, not TABLE tags, I discovered
that the tables looked quite different in different browsers, and in some
cases the columns didn't like up correctly at all, despite being in a
monospaced font. I haven't examined the files in detail, but I suspect that
the columns were originally lined up using TABs (in Microsoft Word) rather
than spaces, and didn't convert well.

So PRE may not be a panacea after all (or at least one may have to be
very.careful with the source document).

Regards, Jean
Jean Hollis Weber
The Technical Editors' Eyrie
mailto:jhweber -at- whitsunday -dot- net -dot- au

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