Re: Sorry to interrupt...

Subject: Re: Sorry to interrupt...
From: "Jessica N. Lange" <jlange -at- OEE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:12:13 -0400

Interruptions are only bothersome when I'm concentrating
really *really* hard: trying to learn a new sw program; starting
a big project; trying to meet an imminent deadline; and so on.

I try to discourage interruptions at those times by putting
on the headphones and cranking the music up as high as I
can. Unfortunately, this seldom works. The person
interrupting usually speaks to the back of my head for
a while before realizing I'm not hearing them. Then they
get more aggressive about interrupting (moving so I can
see them, slapping my chair or poking my shoulder).

This behavior has always astonished me: It is so **obvious**
that I am busy--fingers hammering at the keyboard, eyes
riveted on the comp.monitor. No work-related interruption
has ever been anything that couldn't have been handled
remotely: Leave a note, call my voicemail, or better yet,
email me!!!

I dunno what the answer is to interruptions: find a job where
you get an office with a door, or work at home. As you can tell,
I find interruptions incredibly frustrating--except when work
is slow: then they're welcome! :-)

Jessica N. Lange mailto:jlange -at- oee -dot- com
Technical Communicator, Ohio Electronic Engravers, Inc.

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