Re: Interview from hell

Subject: Re: Interview from hell
From: Debbie Packer <dpacker -at- STINGRAYBOATS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:43:07 -0400

> William J. Wolfe writes:
> Just a suggestion:
> There's no law that says you can't call one of your
> interviewers and ask -- straightforwardly -- why you
> were not selected.

I did this and actually ended up with the job. My husband was extremely
upset that I had done so because he knew the person I contacted, but it
turned out for the best. In my case, the interviewer told me that she felt
really good about my interview and thought that I would have been great for
the job, but they were required to offer the job to the person with the most
experience...and they did. Several weeks later, the other applicant decided
to decline the job for a better position and I ended up with the job. The
interviewer told me that I was the only one of 10 applicants who bothered
with a thank you letter (which she said that she appreciated) and she was
pleased that I was interested enough to find out why I wasn't originally
offered the job.

I don't think asking is a bad thing if you had a good interview, was
qualified for the job, and got turned down. I also think that thank you
letters are appropriate in most situations.

Just my thoughts.

Debbie Packer

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