Subject: E-recruiting
From: Erin Kampf <ErinK -at- ORIENTALMOTOR -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 09:02:38 -0700

Having just relocated from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, I searched for
my new job almost entirely from a distance and almost entirely over the
Internet. The job I found was a result of my Internet search: one of the
recruiters I found over the Internet suggested I call a different recruiter.
But the recruiter who placed me I dealt with only via phone and in person.

When I first started sending my resumes to recruiters via e-mail, I found
that they disappeared into cyberspace... I never heard a thing from the
recruiters. I then started calling recruiting companies and asking to speak
with a recruiter who dealt with tech writers. I usually got to speak to
someone. Sometimes my resume was already in their database, in which case
they would often look it up and we would discuss options and opportunities.
If I hadn't already sent my resume to the company, they sometimes asked me
to send it directly to them. Then I would usually get an email or phone call
back (or I would call them). Then I would call them every week or so, just
to remind them that I existed, even if it was just leaving a voice mail. If
I couldn't call, I e-mailed. Sometimes I did both. And finally, whenever I
was visiting LA, I tried to set aside some time to meet with recruiters and
I would set appointments up in advance. Then they could put a face to a name
and hopefully remember me better when opportunities came up.

Searching for a job on the Internet, I would say, is just like looking for a
job in the traditional manner. You need to contact people directly rather
than just sending out blind letters to every recruiter and their cousin. You
need to keep your name in their short-term memory and your resume at the top
of their pile by continuing to call, e-mail, meet with them, etc. This way,
if and when something comes up, they will think of you. If you don't contact
individuals, you are dealing with computers. If the exact keyword match
doesn't come up, you will never hear from them.

Good luck.

Erin Kampf
Technical Publications Coordinator
Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.
Tel: (310) 784-8211

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I would like to hear how others handle electronic job searches, especially
if that search has been successful and I'd like to hear from the recruiters'
perspective, i.e., what gets their attention.

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