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Subject: Re: A Real Job from Hell!
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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 17:04:34 -0400

Hee, hee, hee.

I can't help but add a tale told by a colleague who is not a member of this

He once pumped gas while in high school or university, I forget which.
Anyway, they had a propane tank at the gas station and on the night shift
he'd often spend a lot of time filling up fleets of taxis.

One night, a taxis drove off after having its tank filled, but before the
hose had been taken out of the tank. The nozzle ripped from the hose as the
car drove away.

At just that moment, a guy smoking a cigarette walked out of the washroom
and headed back to his car. Well, my coworker just dove to the ground with
his hands on his head, and screamed as loud as he could for everyone to hit
the deck. He then crawled inside the gas station's booth and called the
fire department or something like that.

Luckily, the whole place didn't go up in a giant fireball. But the funniest
part is the next day, as more cabs were coming through the station, one of
the drivers came in with a cab where someone had vommited in the back seat.
He offered to pay my colleague twenty bucks to clean the back of the cab.
Well, after his near death experience the night before, and in need of the
money, my colleague agreed and cleaned up the back seat. Thankful to be
alive, he was in a chipper mood through the whole thing, despite what he was
doing. The cab driver said to him afterwards that he was totally impressed
by his work ethic and had never seen anyone so happy at their work!

--Julian xt 3627

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> When I was a young man I took a job driving a lorry (truck)
> full of Nitroglycerin.
> I wanted to impress the boss, so I decided to push as hard as
> I could and I made my destination in record time. On the way
> back I decided to take a shortcut that I knew about through a
> sleepy town--I wanted to meet my mates in the pub to watch a
> football (soccer) game. The shortcut was a bridge and when I
> tried to pass through the lorry got jammed and needless to
> say there was nitro residue in the lorry and the back storage
> area went BOOM! causing part of the bridge to fall on the
> back of the lorry.
> When I got to the head office I told the boss what happened.
> He immediately exploded!
> Have a good day
> IG
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