Tilt the balance in your favor ... Re: thanks yous and interviews from hell

Subject: Tilt the balance in your favor ... Re: thanks yous and interviews from hell
From: Mary Carson <carson -at- INFORMIX -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 12:25:01 -0700


Generally, I agree with your posts, but not in this case.
Most of the managers I interviewed with weren't too
sure who they wanted for the position.

Thank you notes often had the effect of keeping the applicant's
name in the manager's mind, as well as underlining the applicant's
desire to get the job. (As opposed to interviewee's who themselves
haven't firmly decided if they want to work there or not.)

Granted, if the manager knows exactly who they want as soon
as they've done the interviews, a thank you note wouldn't change
the balance. But if they haven't decided, the follow-up note could
influence their decision. If you really want the job, is it that much
of an effort?


At 12:16 PM 6/3/99 -0700, John Posada wrote:
>Do you know that because you sent the note, you were
>called back? Maybe you were going to be called anyway.
>I cannot believe that someone would go through an
>interview that costs BOTH of you several valuable
>hours of your day, you make a good impression, you
>have the skill set, the experience, and the approach
>methodology, and they are sitting there thinking to
>"Gee, we really think he will be an asset to our
>organization, but saying thank you and shaking our
>hands on the way just isn't enough. We'll wait until
>we get a note from him and if we don't we're just
>going to have to settle for the looser that was in
>after him who did send us that note."
>> Generally, the practice has resulted in me being
>> called back for
>> further interviews, and/or being hired. At very
>> least, my boot-lickiing
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